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Our Academy

Infinite Potential Learning Academy (IPLA) is a
private school located in Saint Petersburg, FL

(FLDOE School Code 9130). At IPLA each scholar is
recognized as an individual with his or her own strengths, opportunities for growth and interests.
The curriculum at IPLA allows for variety and creativity in teaching, course content, and the
ability to tailor and accelerate classes according to the needs of our scholars.

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Principal’s Welcome

IPLA takes pride in empowering and inspiring its scholars to create solutions that expand their innate talents. Teaching and learning become lifelong endeavors for all scholars as they learn at their pace and make decisions about their own learning, which allows for a stronger academic foundation that encourages scholars to develop a true love for learning. 


IPLA is selective in shaping its learning community, choosing students and families who place a high value on an excellent education and faculty and administration who best fit its mission and value. We make the choice to have small class sizes, focus on each individual child’s strengths and challenges and foster meaningful relationships between students and faculty.



The mission of IPLA is to cultivate a community in which scholars are empowered and inspired to think and create solutions that expand their innate talents. Teaching, and learning become lifelong endeavors for all scholars, pursued through collaboration, creativity and reflection.

Vision & Values


Empowering scholars by challenging minds and respecting individuality.

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Health

  • Progress

  • Knowledge

  • Passion

To enhance self-esteem and the ability to value

each person’s own worth.
To develop a natural curiosity in scholars and use

that curiosity to foster positive attitudes about learning.
To develop each scholar to his/her highest potential

through exposure to a variety of quality academic experiences.
To develop social-emotional awareness.
To develop positive relationships between home, school and the                  community.
To develop a health-conscious environment.

Faculty & Staff

Meet the IPLA Team!

Mrs. Twanna Monroe

Mr. Kori Monroe

Ms. Selah Tucker

Mrs. Kahfi Hutchinson

Ms. Precious Wingo-Waller

Ms. Charlotta Bynum

Ms. Quantense Jackson

Ms. Meghan Van-Pool Swol

Mr. Luis Herring

Ms. Myiah Moody

Ms. Pauline


Ms. Debbie Heffern

Ms. Charlene Thomas

Mr. Julian Smith

Mr. Tobias Bostic

Ms. Nina Durham


Ms. Janai Collins

Ms. Angie

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